We believe new treatments are right in front of us.
We are passionate about discovering them.

At Horizon Clinical Research in San Diego, California, we are committed to advance the cutting edge of medicine through clinical trials.  In turn, we help discover medical breakthroughs that can benefit lives of people around the world.

Horizon Clinical Research  is currently conducting an variety of clinical research studies in which you, or a friend, can participate. We provide evaluation of new treatments and medications with integrity.  We adhere to the highest standards of clinical research and good clinical practice. Each study is performed under FDA guidelines, good clinical practices, and monitored by institutional review boards to ensure patient safety at each step.

We are always looking for motivated patients.  As a clinical trial participant, you will receive all care related to the study at no cost.  Think of what you are doing for yourself and others:  You will receive specialized treatment not available to most people and will also helping to advance the forefront of medicine with your participation.   We hope you will look through our website to learn about the clinical studies that we are currently conducting.

Are you interested in being a clinical trial participant? If so, tell us a little more about yourself, and we will help find the trial that might be right for you. 

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