Living with Type II Diabetes is a challenge for millions of people in the United States.   This condition causes your body to not use insulin as well as it should.  While your genetics may increase your risk of developing the condition, lifestyle plays an important role.

clipboardThere are several important ways to treat it.  First, get enough exercise!  People that do not exercise have a much higher chance of worsening the condition.  Here in San Diego, most people enjoy an active lifestyle.   Second, making healthy diet choices will reduce your body’s inability to use insulin.

Medication also helps to manage your blood sugar levels. There are several medicines used today that are helpful, and new medications are constantly being developed.  If you struggle with your type II diabetes, there may be new options you could consider.

Each year, new treatments become available and we at Horizon Clinical Research work with the pharmaceutical industry to help bring these new treatments to your doctor.  If you would like to learn more and see if a clinical trial might be right for you, please CONTACT US here from our website or call us at 619-456-6012.