Knee Pain

Do you have knee pain ? There are many possible causes of knee pain and no two people have the same knee.  Here at Horizon Clinical Research we have a sincere interest in knee pain and in finding solutions to knee pain.  We have been conducting clinical trials to test new approaches for the past [...]

Cartilage Injury

<h2>What is cartilage?</h2> Nearly every joint in your body is made up of surfaces that allow incredibly smooth almost motion. This allows you to painlessly bend your elbow, your knee, or move your hip. These surfaces are made up of water and a spongy, springy living material called ‘cartilage’. A little different from the cartilage [...]

Living with Type II Diabetes

Living with Type II Diabetes is a challenge for millions of people in the United States.   This condition causes your body to not use insulin as well as it should.  While your genetics may increase your risk of developing the condition, lifestyle plays an important role. There are several important ways to treat it.  [...]

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